DITA-FMx 2.0 upgrade pricing ends April 14!

The discounted upgrade pricing from DITA-FMx 1.1 to 2.0 will end on April 14 (the 1-year anniversary of DITA-FMx 2.0). If you’re still using DITA-FMx 1.1, you can upgrade to 2.0 for $165. Just log in to www.leximation.com and go to your Tool Admin page, then click the upgrade link.

On April 14 the special upgrade price for DITA-FMx 2.0 will end and the cost will be $235 (same as a new individual license).

Note that upgrading to DITA-FMx 2.0 does not force you to change your current DITA 1.1-based structure applications. DITA-FMx 2.0 supports both DITA 1.1 and DITA 1.2. DITA-FMx 2.0 includes many enhancements and new features that benefit both DITA 1.1 and 1.2 models.

In addition to support for the DITA 1.2 features (keyref, conkeyref, coderef, key-based glossary term referencing, conref ranges, etc.), DITA-FMx 2.0 provides the following features:

  • Robust support for FrameMaker variables.
  • New Generate Book from Map dialog makes it easier to publish DITA maps to FM books.
  • Auto-prolog options now apply to maps as well as topics.
  • Automatically add author and date to <draft-comment> elements.
  • Additional support for specialized table formatting (row and cell shading and table indenting).
  • Support for imagemap and hotspot development.
  • And much more…

To compare the features in DITA-FMx with those in different versions of FrameMaker, review the FrameMaker DITA Feature Comparison.

To download a trial, or purchase DITA-FMx .. www.leximation.com/dita-fmx/.